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How To Make Your Apartment More Homey In Carmel

January 25, 2023
A living room at Waverly Apartments with bright pink decor

A new Carmel apartment may feel stark and plain when you first move in. Regardless of the amazing amenities, your unit won’t seem like it’s yours until you integrate several comfortable and cozy touches. If your apartment falls a bit short of feeling as agreeable as you’d like, follow our tips for how to make an apartment more homey in Carmel.

Relax Better On Cozy Seating Options

A gray living room and kitchen at Spark ApartmentsResidents relax better when they have a nice place to sit. Investing in comfortable furniture is one of the most surefire methods to make an apartment more homey in Carmel. Select a sofa, chairs, and a bed that are perfect for relaxation. You and your friends will appreciate kicking back more if you have supportive and soothing places to sit. And there isn’t much that is more restful at the end of the day than a comfy bed to sleep in. You’ll find a range of mattresses for sale that are intended for specific sleep needs, so be sure to test out a bunch before you choose the perfect one.

Integrate Corresponding Pillows and Throws For Style And Comfort

A bed with white comforter and blue pillows in a bedroom at Highpointe ApartmentsMaking your apartment more homey isn’t merely about how things feel but how they add visual appeal. Coordinating throw pillows and blankets help you relax on the loveseat or on your bed and let them look more welcoming. If your living room furniture wasn’t sold with extra pillows, buy some in a harmonious color scheme. You can then add a couple blankets. Use a soft bedspread and throw pillows on your bed to make a statement. Your apartment will seem like it’s straight from a magazine, and you’ll be extra cozy when taking a break or going to bed.

Include Rugs For Softer Floors

Interior decorators will advise you that different textures and colors help make a room more cozy. You are able to add both to your apartment with rugs. A colorful area rug in your family room reflects your personality. A rug by your bed feels great underfoot to start the day. And a cushioned mat in the kitchen makes cooking more enjoyable. Rugs also mute the sound of footfalls and stifle echoes if your interior has wood floors in a large, open floor plan apartment.

Dry Off With Luxurious Bath Towels

A shelf with colorful bath towels next to a small white table with a mirror on itSeveral little enhancements will make your bath more spa-like. But when you’re looking to make your apartment more homey in Carmel, high-quality towels will help. Try to find large, 100% cotton terry cloth towels. They’re super soft, absorbent, and durable–the ideal end to a relaxing long shower. Select vibrant colors to enliven your bathroom or a neutral tint for a more understated feel.

Add A Personal Touch With Your Most-Liked Artwork And Photos

A gray bed in a white room with art on the wallNot much establishes a home more than decorating with items that are meaningful to you. You have the chance to make your Carmel apartment more personalized when you include your favorite pictures and artwork. Use adhesive picture hangers to put up original art or prints without hammering into your apartment walls. Place framed pictures on tables and your dresser. Then add other fun ornaments that you enjoy, and your apartment will feel special to you and convey who you are.

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