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Six Effective Apartment Kitchen Ideas For Carmel Renters

You deserve better. Just because you're only renting a space doesn't mean your apartment's kitchen has to be anything short of extraordinary. With just a few innovative apartment kitchen ideas for your Carmel apartment, you will be ready to serve up your favorite dish in style – despite the size of your space. Impress your friends at your next feast with your intelligent kitchen design and unique style by using these simple suggestions.

Keep reading to find six easy tips on how to start spicing up your apartment's kitchen, no matter how ample your space is or your apartment layout.

Take Stock Of Your Most Regularly Used Kitchen Appliances And Utensils

Do you love to throw some ingredients in a slow-cooker and return from work to a tasty dinner that's ready to eat? Have you not plugged in your toaster in several weeks? Think about which cooking tools and appliances you use most and put other items away in a cabinet or closet. Not only will this create more room on your counters, but you'll have less to put away later.

Consider An Island For Your Carmel Apartment Kitchen

Model living room in Carmel.

When counter space is needed, adding an island to your kitchen will often create the versatility you need. Add even more adaptability to your kitchen setup by utilizing a movable island. These popular upgrades will function as a secondary table, staging area, or they can be stored out of the way when more room for guests is needed.

Move Knives to the Wall

One of the most innovative apartment kitchen tips for your Carmel apartment is to ditch the bulky knife block for a wall-mounted magnetic knife strip. Many restaurant kitchens use them for their space-saving and convenience. Regardless of the size or location, a knife strip will add a modern flair to any cooking space. Just be careful to install it where children can’t reach!

Add A Peg Board To Free Up Space

Wherever you need additional space, installing a pegboard is likely to be an effective solution. Pegboards will support enough weight to hang pots and pans or be used to show off your mug collection in a playful display. A combination of hanging plants alongside your most-used kitchen equipment allows you to hide your tools in a clever way. A pegboard adds functional style to any apartment kitchen in a distinct manner.

Use Your Sink As A Prepping Area

Model kitchen in Carmel
Sinks of all types can be used as a handy surface for any purpose. Consider a sink cover for drying dishes or use as a prep station. When you need to use the sink, stash the top back in a storage area. You can even put down your regular cutting board lengthwise over your sink for an instant sink cover.

Save Space With Backless Stools

[[Sitting room in Carmel apartments.

Backless stools for your Carmel apartment kitchen bar are a fantastic way to conserve valuable space without sacrificing style or much-needed seating. Then tuck them underneath the kitchen bar when they aren’t needed.

Upgrade To A Better Apartment Kitchen By Living At Lakeside Apartments

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